Cat’s Meow Toy Review

Anybody who has ever owned a cat, or watched an internet video of a cat, will know just how much they love to chase things. The more realistic and rodent-like the object they are chasing is, the more the cat will love it. Obviously there are thousands of cat toys on the market for owners to select from, but some have special features that make them that little bit more exciting.

Here, we have put together a review of one particular cat toy advertised on TV – the Cat’s Meow toy. This toy has rapidly become very popular, and if you’re looking for a new item for your feline companion to play with, you may find the information presented here useful and informative.

What is the Cat’s Meow toy?

Cat's Meow Toy is only available online

Cat’s Meow Toy – How It Works

Basically, this is a toy for your cat that is highly lifelike, and copies the movement of a mouse or rat running around and hiding beneath a large, round sheet of fabric. The toy has a ball which is attached to a wand that pokes out of the fabric and looks like the tail of a mouse, and movement is controlled by a battery operated motor. The tail is constantly moving, and randomly changes direction to keep your cat of any age entertained for hours.

The makers of the Cat’s Meow toy claim that it is the best toy for cats yet, and that they will never get tired of playing with it. They state that as well as playing with the toy, giving your cat exercise and keeping it occupied, this toy will also stop your cat from clawing or scratching furniture or carpets, or at least reduce the amount that it does so.

Many cat owners have purchased the Cat’s Meow toy due to these claims. It can be difficult to own a cat that scratches furniture all the time, and reducing the amount that this happens is something many owners are looking for, which is why they have been drawn to this product.

At this stage, there are numerous reviews available for this toy, with most users finding that their cat enjoyed playing with the Cat’s Meow toy. Many people have commented on the fact that their cat really tried to rip the toy apart, but the fabric sheet that the pretend mouse hides under is made of high quality, durable nylon that seems to stand up to the claws of even the toughest kitty.

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Customer Reviews

As stated, a majority of reviews for the Cat’s Meow toy are positive. Many people note that their cat loves the toy, and that it is durable even when their cat is rough. However, it is important to remember that all cats have different personalities, and your cat may not enjoy the toy as much as another kitty.

Here are some examples of reviews for the toy:

“One of my cats loves it, sits by it, comes running when I turn it on, or even hears me moving it. She’ll play with it for an hour or more if I let her, which is great because my two indoor cats can use the exercise and extra mental amusement etc. Second cat is totally disinterested, but that’s mostly because the first one monopolizes it.”

This reviewer has two cats, and notes that one of them loves the toy. There’s every chance the other one would too, if it got a chance to play with it! He also says the toy is great for providing indoor cats with additional exercise, as the manufacturer stated, which is important for their health.

Let’s look at another review:

“Our cat loves it! It is very durable and when the cat stops it, it makes a chirping noise and continues when he decides to let it go. He is back at it in seconds. The fabric is a tight knit material that does not become caught in a cat’s claws.”


cat's meow toy as seen on tv

Cat’s Meow Toy In Action

This reviewer is also happy with the product, and states that their cat enjoys playing with the toy. They also note that the material is durable, strong, and not damaged easily by the claws of a cat, as stated by the manufacturer.

Based on these reviews and others, this durable toy will keep your cat entertained for hours and not become easily broken or destroyed as you may experience with other toys. However, it is also important to note that the manufacturers stated that this toy could reduce scratching and clawing behavior, but no reviews mentioned this. They may simply not have noticed that their cat was clawing less, or not thought it was important to mention in their review.

Watch out for…

It is important to mention that this toy will have to be turned on and off by you. If your cats do enjoy the toy and play with it frequently or for long periods of time, the batteries (which are not included) will need to be replaced frequently. As the product requires three C batteries, and these can be expensive, many buyers choose to use rechargeable batteries so they only have to pay once.

Where to Buy Cat’s Meow Toy

The Cat’s Meow toy is available for $20, plus shipping and handling costs. If you buy directly from the official website, a deal is currently available where you can purchase two toys for the price of one, although you do still have to pay shipping and handling costs on the second toy. You will also receive a free mystery gift! This toy is not available in stores, you can only find this product and this offer at the Cat’s Meow Toy Official Site

cat's meow toy retail box

The Verdict

Based on reviews from satisfied customers, this toy is well worth the price. It will provide you cat(s) with hours, weeks and months of enjoyment, and will give them valuable exercise and mental stimulation. Remember to buy rechargeable batteries so that you do not have to keep purchasing new ones, and enjoy this product and the entertainment it can deliver to your cat.

Your feline friend will thank you for it!

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Cat's Meow Toy As Seen On Tv


Make Your Own Homemade Cat Toys

Your cats will let you know just how bored they were while you gone in a number of ways. The torn pillows. Using the legs of the sofa as a scratching post. It’s all happened to every pet owner, that they need to have some pet toys whipped up in a hurry is the better part of caution. Your cats will not consider this a bribe, but rather proof positive that you properly worship them.

What Cats Need from Toys

Cats aren’t cruel or simply letting off steam when they go after the furniture. Toys are even more critical to a cat than entertainment is to a human being. Cats need to express their prey chasing instincts, and scratching is an inborn drive they also need to express. Some toys should be designed for chasing and pounce if possible, while others created as a safe place to scratch. Others can give cats a new place to safely satisfy the need to explore.

Finding Objects in the Home

Cats will show you the very objects they are most interested in themselves by their behavior.  You just have to pay attention to what draws them, and those moments when their eyes go wide and see possibilities.

Building a Tunnel

Cats love boxes of all kinds. Pizza boxes, the big boxes that groceries are packed in, and while these interest kitties all by themselves, it’s possible to make a nice long cave for the cats they wander around in for a bit.

All you need is one pizza box, and one or two grocery boxes. If the grocery boxes have flaps to close them take this off so both are open on one side. You will also need a bottle of glue and some strong scissors capable of cutting cardboard.

  • Cut the bottom of each of the grocery boxes. Then cut one small hole in the second grocery box. The hole should be large enough for your cat to crawl through without any difficulty. 
  • Glue the edges of the two grocery boxes together so it is now one large box, and the only for the cat to enter is through the holes you created.
  • Place the pizza box on top of the new larger box so that one fold of the box covers one hole in the larger box. When you’ve found the spot where the pizza creates a perfect easy to move through “door” for over one of the holes glue the pizza box in place.

After the glue dries the cat will have a large box with a hole to enter through a flap he or she can open to exit the other end. Cats enjoy an environment where they can feel hidden. Expect to see the cat pop out from time to when you least expect it. Since grocery boxes are made of strong cardboard it’s possible for this toy to last for a while no matter how rough kitty might play.

The Hanger Toy

The only items you need for the hanger toy are an old wire clothes hanger, some strong string, a few old cat toys like rubber mice the cat has lost interest in, or doesn’t play with when alone. This is a great toy to revitalize old cat toys and make them fun for the cat to play with for long periods of time.

  • Tie several pieces of the string to the bottom of the wire hanger.
  • Secure the pet toys to the string allowing enough string that the toys will move, but not so much the cat will not get tangled in the string.
  • Place the hanger someplace it will securely hang, and the cat can’t pull it down, but low enough for the cat to bat or pounce at the hanging cat toys.

The Old Pill Bottle Toy

Almost everyone has a few old pill bottles lying around. They make a sound when shaken that excites cats, so once you’ve clean out the childproofed capped bottle and scrubbed off the label it’s time to look around for something to put inside that makes an exciting noise. Seeds or anything that’s small and rattles will work. Even though the cap is child proof it’s a good idea to glue the cap on, as we all know cats are cleverer than they let on when we are watching closely. When cats play alone, there’s no telling what one or two of them might accomplish. If you have no pill bottles another possibilities for a rattle toy are the very small tins that candies come in, but again the lid should be glued down and allowed to dry before you give it to kitty.

Using Some Imagination

It’s a good idea to use your imagination and find odd toy possibilities around the house. Look for those items that your cat displays an interest in, and see if you can’t adapt it for your pet.




Cat’s Meow Toy Review

Having cats as pets means not only that you have to feed them, but it is also important that you give them some play time to keep them exercised as well as entertained. Getting them some toys to play with and keep them entertained does much for their well being. Looking at one of the toys available for cats is the Cat’s Meow Toy as seen on TV. Here is what we found about this toy and if you are interested in getting one for your cat you can check this review.

Cat’s Meow Toy Description

The product is made of a round piece of non tear nylon under which is a mouse tail that runs round the circle of the fabric in random patterns. There are four settings which control the speed and the patterns which the mouse tail can be set to run. This toy will keep your cat entertained for long periods of time. Since the tail moves in a random pattern, it keeps the cat guessing as to which direction it would next go in. This movement is made to attract the cat’s natural curiosity which keeps it attracted to the toy.

The Cat’s Meow toy lets your cat get all the exercise it needs while playing. Keeping your cat interested and playing with this toy means that it will not get bored so it also keeps it away from destructive behavior which cats are accustomed to when they get bored. This will not only keep your furniture and curtains from being scratched and torn up but will also give you the peace of mind of knowing that you do not constantly have to be on the look out to keep your cat from causing trouble. This toy is meant for cats of all ages which means that whether you have a young kitten or an older cat the Cat’s meow will keep them entertained.

Not only does the Cat’s Meow help in keeping your cats entertained and give them the exercise they need but with this toy you do not need any other toy for your cat. Being made of non tear nylon the cover can withstand the rough wear and tear that your cat cat will put it through. Not only is this toy fun for your cat but it will also keep you and your family entertained watching your cat play with it. The idea of this cat’s toy is not only to keep your cat entertained but also to keep it active and occupied so that it does not get bored and rip and scratch your furniture.

cats meow toy

Customers Reviews

People who have bought this cat’s toy say that they find their cats liking this toy and it helps to keep the cats entertained and busy even when they are not at home. Helps to keep the cats out of trouble and gives them exercise. One of the customers who bought this product says that her cats are mesmerized by the toy and wait for her to turn it on. Another said that their cat loves this toy and could not understand the bad reviews. She also said that this toy is durable and that when her cat jumps on it and stops the tail from moving, it makes a chirping noise and starts moving again when the cat lets go of it. She also said that the fabric is of a tight knit material that does not get caught in the cat’s claws. Another customer who bought this toy says that few toys hold his cat’s interest, but with this toy his cat will play with it for hours. Another couple who bought this toy for their over weight indoor cat say that this toy gives their cat the exercise it needs and sometimes they leave it on overnight for their cat to play with. Though the cat has chewed off the tail and ripped the fabric, it still works.

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Where the Cat’s Meow Toy is concerned one of the drawbacks is that it uses 3 C batteries which run down in a few hours. This means that if you want to keep your cats entertained for long periods of time, you would need a supply of batteries which are not very cheap. Though you could get rechargeable batteries to save on some battery costs. Another problem that was seen with this product is that a few customers reported that it was difficult to put the batteries in the toy since the screw holding the cover for the batteries was very small and it was difficult to get it out. Some of the customers who bought this product also found that it was too noisy and their cats did not like the noise it made. This could be a problem with some of the products since not all customers have had this problem.

Where to Buy

If you are interested in buying this product, it is advisable that you buy it at

We recommend this product if you have cats for pets at home. Not only will the Cat’s Meow toy keep your cats entertained, but will also entertain you as you watch them play with the toy. You will also have the added benefit that your cat would get the exercise it needs with you having to play with it or take it outside. Another benefit is that it would keep your cat from getting bored and scratching and destroying your furniture and you could also see that there was a stimulus for cat even when you were away from the house.


Cat’s Meow Toy TV Commercial

While watching infomercials one afternoon, I saw one in particular that caught my eye and captured my attention. It was for the Cat’s Meow toy, a new product that has changed the way cats and kittens play, and provides them with valuable exercise and keeps them entertained for hours.

My kittens love to play, and as I don’t have a lot of time to play with them due to my job, I thought this would be the perfect toy for them to enjoy while I was busy doing other things. It runs on batteries, and mimics a mouse scampering around and hiding under a big piece of fabric. The cat chases the “mouse” (which is constantly changing direction) around, and eventually catches it, before starting the game again. The fabric is very durable and can stand up to even the toughest kitty claws.

I have found the commercial on YouTube, and would like to share it with you here so that you can see how the Cat’s Meow Toy product works:

Visit Cat’s Meow Toy Official Site



Cat’s Meow Toy Where To Buy

Although I can sometimes be a bit hesitant about purchasing things from the internet, the manufacturer’s website really is the best place to buy a product. As long as the website is secure, you can be safe in the knowledge that your credit card details and information is safe, and you don’t need to worry about fraud or identity theft. When you buy the Cat’s Meow Toy straight from the manufacturer’s website, you can be sure that it is secure and your details are protected, and will not be sold on to other companies.  I have received several emails asking if cat’s meow toy is available at Walgreens, Wal-Mart or Amazon , you can find more about in the recent post  - Cat’s Meow Toy Walgreens – .

What’s more, the manufacturer’s website always has the best deals for the product. For instance, when I looked there to buy the Cat’s Meow toy, I found that I could get this toy on a two for the price of one deal – how good is that?! I only had to pay for one of the toys, but I got to order a second one for free. This is great because I have two kittens, so this way they will be able to both play with the toy, which is good because I haven’t taught them how to share yet…

Visit Cat’s Meow Toy Official Site Here 

Money Back Guarantee

The official website also provided me with a 30 day money back guarantee, which is great for peace of mind. It reassures me that if something goes wrong with my toys, or if my cats don’t enjoy them, I can return them and receive my money back. One of the things I am sometimes worried about with buying things over the internet is that the product will not turn out to be as good as I had hoped, but when you have a 30 day money back guarantee there is nothing at all to worry about!
Find more about Money Back Guarantee policy.

Order Tracking

Another reason to buy straight from the official website is so that your order can be tracked. As soon as your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking order which lets you trace your Cat’s Meow toy while it is on its way to you. This is great because it allows you to see where your toy is and how long it will be before you have it. If you are purchasing the toy as a gift for a friend, you will know whether or not it will arrive by the time you need it. So the tracking feature is very helpful.

Track Your Order at Official Site – Click Here

Customer Support

Also, when you order from the official website, you will have an order reference number and you are able to contact customer support. This will be very useful if you have any questions about your order, or any concerns. The customer support crew should be able to provide any help or support you require, and when you order from the manufacturer’s website it is easier for them to do so. I haven’t required the service of the customer service team for the Cat’s Meow product, but online reviews suggest that they are friendly, easy to deal with and can answer any questions or resolve any issues you have very quickly.

At this stage, there don’t appear to be any discounts or coupons available for this product, but hopefully there will be some in the future! The product is already great value though, so such coupons are not really necessary. However, as mentioned, there is already the buy one get one free offer, which represents a great saving – you get a whole second cat’s toy for the price of just the first one!

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Cat’s Meow Toy Walgreens

Because I thought my kittens would love this toy so much, and it would give them lots of important exercise, I decided to buy the toy as a special present for them. I have, recently, published my Cat’s Meow Toy Review.They have other toys, but they are not very exciting and don’t draw much of a response from my kittens, who really need a high powered, energetic toy like this one. I knew this toy was available online, but sometimes I don’t like purchasing things online and can be a bit hesitant about whether or not they will arrive, or if they will be damaged, so I decided to try to find the toy in a store.

I went to Walgreens yesterday, but was surprised to find that they don’t sell the product – it is only available online. The same goes for Wal-Mart and other stores – the Cat’s Meow toy is only available online. Amazon don’t seem to have it on offer either; you can only purchase this toy directly from the official site.

In the end I thought this was actually quite good, because it meant I was purchasing right from the source, and I wouldn’t have to worry about being sent a cheap imitation or an inferior product from a “copy cat” site. Plus, when you purchase from the manufacturer sometimes you get a better deal, and I was hoping that this would be the case with the Cat’s Meow product.

Cats Meow Toy As Seen On tv



Cat’s Meow Toy Commercial

I have visited Cat’s Meow Toy Official Site and read all the information provided there and I’ve posted here the most relevant information.

“The Cat Toy Your Cat Can’t Resist”

Company claims that:

“Entertains & Stops Destructive Clawing Or Scratching”

What is included:

- 2 Cat’s Meow Cat Toys

- Free Mystery Gift (Limited Time Offer We Only Special)

“Cat’s Meow Features

  • Peek-a-boo wand mimics a scurrying mouse

  • Randomly changes speeds and directions to keep cats entertained

  • Never-quit motor just keeps on running even when your cat pounces

  • Made of durable rip stop nylon

  • Cat’s MeowTM is the perfect gift for every cat lover

  • Battery operated

  • Cats of all ages love Cat’s Meow

    TM ”

Source Cat’s Meow Toy Official Site

You get 30 Day Manufacturer’s Warranty .

This Product is NOT Available in Stores !

The product is available at America & Canada.

The official site offers a Secure Checkout Service so you can Securely Place Your Order.

You can pay using Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover

Regarding the Official Cat’s Meow Customer Service I have found that:
“Please allow 24-48 hours for customer service to have information on your order.

Your Credit Card will not be charged until your order ships.

Please allow 2–6 weeks for your order to be delivered.

All orders plus applicable tax. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee (minus P&H).”

Source Cat’s Meow Toy Official Customer Support

All of this information is available at the official site.

Right now I’m doing my investigation to see if all this claims are true and if Cat’s Meow Toy is really irresistible  to Cats and worth your money.

I still need a couple more days to finish it . When I finish it  I will Publish It to share the facts, customers reviews, discounts , coupons and all I have found.

Visit Cat’ in the next days to read my complete review, and share your experience, thoughts or concerns.

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In my Review You can Find

What is The Cat’s Meow Toy

Brief introduction and description about  the product read more

Customer Reviews

I’ve put together the most interesting and complete customer reviews that I’ve found searching in google. Find here What customers have to say

Watch Out For

Before you purchase this product you should consider some aspects. Also you can find some advices about How To use this toy to take the best performance. Read More


Where ToBuy Cats Meow Toy

You can find several websites that talk about cat’s meow toy and try to sell you this product with discounts and coupons. You should only and always order the product at the official site ..find why here


So, does really Cat’s Meow Toy work ? Is it really worth your money ? Does your cat really gonna love it and use it ? Find my conclusion in the verdict section.


Enjoy the Tv Commercial .

Cat’s Meow Toy Commercial


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Cats Meow Toy